“Amazing. No bull about this company. This guy lives and breathes drums. He knows them inside out in any respect - studio, live, build, recording, producing. Anything Masshoff touches turns to gold.“ Matija Tatomirović

“Big Chief ist die geilste Snare die ich je gespielt habe und überhaupt was Udo für Drums baut ist der Wahnsinn !!!” Andreas Mücher

“Damn!!! They sound (and look) Fantastic!!” Joe Mazza

"Absolutely Phenomenal Sounding Drum Kit!” Dan Humphries

"Udo is the willy Wonka of drums....always innovating!!!” Erick Albor

“Udo kann einem verdammt viel zum Thema Stimmen und Sounds beibringen.” Yongtao Zheng

“It is a useful trick & i would have loved to know it 25 years & 5 snare drums ago.” MrLeeziebeevor

“I just tuned my snare according to the video and it sounds FANTASTIC (...) I've been playing over forty years - with this tuning method I could have saved myself so much time and frustration....WOW.” Stephen Anthony

Udo Masshoff,

Passionate Drum Maker& Crazy Drumsound Nerd

In the beginning I just wanted to build drums for myself - but after several of my "rock star friends" totally freaked out on them, I knew I had found my mission.

I believe that anybody who makes music with passion deserves an instrument made with love. 

A perfect drum has to consists of the very best parts in any area. This makes my drums more expensive then others. 

For making one Masshoff snare drum, up to 824 single parts pass through my hands. An average snare drum consists of about 200 parts. 

I believe that the fun and the inspiration you will get from my drums will be worth every penny.

Udo Masshoff